Susan our founder had his crazy idea that if she wrote a book or two then people would read them. It does not quite work like that. You have to encourage people to buy them first. Or possibly give them away and hope people will read them

To be honest writing books reflects how she used to teach. She would write the reader or course notes first so that she had a guideline to work to. The book would give some structure to the ideas as well as providing a resource for the learners. That explains why Susan has written four books so far and has ideas in hand for at least two more.

These days the approach is a little bit different in that the writing is more likely to be part of the library in the membership area. Writing is how Susan processes ideas and she is happy to share them with others and does share quite a bit on this website. However, this is a business therefore not everything can be given away for free. There has to be an exchange in value in terms of pounds and pence for some things.

Prophetic Coaching

The aim of prophetic coaching is to help you overcome obstacles. In the first few minutes, you and the coach define the problem and then …
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We set up the Kingdom Business Matters Facebook group to develop friendships with others who are also interested in developing Kingdom Businesses. We cannot build …
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Learning opportunities

Hiding in the inner regions of this website are dozens of text-based courses. What do you expect from someone who enjoys writing like Susan? She …
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Everyone CAN Craft

This is a trading name for one of the projects run under the auspices of KBDL. Its roots lie in the offline craft group that Susan ran before Covid hit. The aim was to help people with learning disabilities produce things that they could be proud of in a loving and caring environment. It attracted people with profound disabilities. The sort of people who if you could find something they could do then you could find something for everyone, hence the name.

T-shirts and aprons

These are items for crafters who want to support the idea of helping those who are less able than themselves to gain a benefit from crafting. Some of them reflect something of Susan’s quirky sense of humour.

Here are some of the designs.

They are displayed on a blue background because blue is the colour used by ECC. The T-shirts themselves are available in a variety of colours.

Activity Packs

Everyone CAN Craft offers activity packs that are simple enough for children but dignified enough for adults. These are based on the activities that Susan developed while running an offline craft group for people with learning disabilities. People who struggled to participate in anything due to their disability were able to work with a partner and create some amazing things together.
Currently there are a number of activities that use a wooden template. These include kits that will help you make:

  • brooches
  • greetings cards
  • pictures

There are a number of different templates. Some have a Christmas theme. Other themes include transport, flowers and sea creatures. The same templates can be used to make cards, brooches and pictures so it is easy to mix and match them.

Artisan’s Markets

If you are anywhere near North Wales then it would be a good idea to check out Everyone CAN Craft on Facebook so that you can stay in touch. You can see samples of the T-shirts and look at the other things that we offer.

Abbotsford Gems

This started as a stall that Susan took around local carnivals then came Covid and there were no more carnivals for ages. The problem was that Susan had gathered a range of products i.e 1 of this and 1 of that so every single item needed a separate description. On top of that, it proved a lot harder to set up a shop on Facebook than Susan expected.

Abbotsford Gems then went on the back burner. There was so much to do with other things. One day it will be resurrected. Everything has been mothballed and as it is all my style i.e. simple and classic it will not date.

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