Freedom is something that many people dream of. They dream of being free from money worries. Free from people who are behaving badly around them. Free from sickness. Free from fear or anxiety. In fact there are so many aspects to freedom that it is hard to list them all.

How on earth do you work towards gaining that kind of freedom? It starts in the mind. You cannot find something without knowing what you are looking for. The reason being that if you did find it you would not recognise it if you did not know what you were looking for.

Have you ever seen Nick Vujicic (sounds like voy-a-check) speaking? He was born without arms or legs. He is a motivational speaker from Australia. It might seem that someone who faced more challenges than most because of his body could not be free. However, it is his attitude that has made him so much in demand as a motivational speaker. He has to face more problems than most in terms of living independently. For example how would you clean your own teeth if you could not hold a toothbrush? Yet he thrives in circumstances that would leave many of us wondering what is the point of staying alive. He has two secrets one being his way of thinking about life and the other being his ability and willingness to co-operate with others.  He has a positive attitude that means that he is able to achieve more than many people who have arms and legs that they can use in a normal way. He might not have the freedom to do all that others can do with their body but his attitude of mind means that he has a freedom that others only dream of.

It was not always that way as when Nick was about 8 he thought about committing suicide. He challenged God to tell him why he had allowed him to be born with a body so different from others. In the end he realised that by allowing God to help him overcome the challenges he faced that he could be an ambassador for God and travel all over the world to tell people how God had helped him. He could actually do what no one else could do despite facing so many challenges himself. He found a sort of freedom that many can only aspire to.

Freedom then starts in the mind. We can escape from difficult circumstances. Nick escapes from some of the problems of not being able to do things by setting up a series of assistive devices that use the abilities that he does have. He does more with his mouth that many people would even think possible and although he has not legs he still has a foot that he can use to do other things with. In other words he makes the best use of what he has. He also has a desire to overcome problems rather than letting them overcome him. In addition he has a positive mental attitude that does not let bitterness or unforgiveness spoil his life.

Many people dream of escaping from money worries but do not do not know that it is possible to find the training or mentoring that they need in order to become financially free. Yet others have written books or developed coaching services that would enable them to achieve such an aim. They think that this is something that is not for them. How sad! The just do not recognise that it is possible for them to achieve this kind of freedom.

This is not the only way that people struggle to realise that freedom is something that they can experience. Abused women often think that they deserve to be badly treated so do not try to leave that kind of relationship. They live in difficult circumstances for many years. Some people have lived in fear or anxiety for so long that they have forgotten what it is like not to be afraid or anxious.

How then can anyone find true freedom? Finding true freedom is a process. It is like removing layers and layers of things from your life that stop you from doing all that you are capable of doing. Once you have experienced what it is like for one layer of restriction to be removed you will want other layers to be removed. Not only that once you have experienced some freedom for yourself you will want to help others to find true freedom. That is why the strap line is “helping people find TRUE freedom”.

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