In the beginning, the aim of God’s Lily was to build up Lily’s Place which was a community hub that met the needs of the people that God’s Lily had met as she was supporting people with mental health problems. She put a lot of thought into how this could be done. Amongst the things she realised was that

  • There was no way that she could start and run all the different projects that were needed on her own so she needed to find a way of drawing the right people into Lily’s Place.
  • It is essential to start small and learn as you go.
  • It is easier to start with new wine skins because people who are used to the old ways of doing things often struggle to cope with making the changes involved in doing new things.
  • Therefore to be able to build Lily’s Place she needed to find the chickens who had eggs in them.

That sounds strange but the best way around the problem of whether you start with a chicken or an egg is to start with a chicken that has an egg inside it. To build Lily’s Place she needed to find those people who had ideas and help them bring them to reality.

The problem she had was finding people who were like chickens with eggs in them. She started looking around her and found a few people who saw a chicken at point of lay and made life hard for them. Some even did things that made it impossible to incubate the egg so that the egg that was laid never produced a new chick.

As that did not work very well she tried another tack and started learning how to find the people with eggs in them online. One challenge was that not many people like the idea of being called chickens with eggs in them. However, there are loads of people who see issues in the community and have ideas on how to help people who are weak without weakening them further. If that is you then you need to explore this site further and see what Lily’s Online Place has to offer you.

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