It is a joy to welcome you to the Faithful Ladies website. We believe that it is within the power of ordinary women even those of us who are not in the first flush of youth to play their part in transforming society.

Yes, they can do this while running a happy home with exemplary children and a supportive husband. But it can also be done if you live on your own after surviving a long marriage that ultimately self-destructs.

How do they transform the world?

One of the best ways of doing this is to start a business that serves the community and provides them with the money need to pay their own bills while giving them the resources they need to support those who are still struggling. Many want to help others but struggle to find the necessary money. Others just want to escape the hardship around them and then help others find a way out as well. Our example is the Proverbs 31 woman. She started a business at what we would call the kitchen table and ended as a wholesaler who traded internationally.

Who is this is this site for?

Yes, it is a website for the female of the species but men who wander in will not be sent away. They will just have to get used to a female way of doing things. After all, women have to get used to a male way of doing things at times. The genders are different. One is not better than the other.

The same thing applies to the word faithful. This is a website that is primarily for those who have been part of the church world for a few years now. Yet everyone is welcome the only thing is they need to be at peace with a Christian way of doing things. Yes, there are times when stories from the Bible are used as examples. Yes, when it comes to the added extras they are Christian focussed.

Where do they come from?

Look carefully in the address bar and you will see the domain name has co.uk at the end. This is because the lady who founded this site (Susan) is from the UK. OK after many years online she has met a variety of people from different countries but she knows more about life in the UK than anywhere else. Yes, it is also co rather than org. This is because the money to run this site comes from the mechanism of business rather than charity. Yes like everyone else we need money to make everything work but the primary aim is to serve people.

Now you know who this site is for and can see that this includes you then have a wander around to see what things you can find that will help you. Better still accept our invitation to join the email list. All you need to do is fill in the form at the bottom of the page or in the sidebar.we are looking forwards to get to know you better.

How can Faithful Ladies support you as you transform society?

Here are some of the things Faithful Ladies has to offer.

One of the things you will soon realise about Susan is that she has a quirky sense of humour, hence these images. She found these stickmen in a pack of images she bought to help her with an old project. They were kept safe until they came out to play for this project. This is another typical Susan habit gathering stuff and using it for something else years later.

Prophetic Coaching

The aim of prophetic coaching is to help you overcome obstacles. In the first few minutes, you and the coach define the problem and then …
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Learning opportunities

Hiding in the inner regions of this website are dozens of text-based courses. What do you expect from someone who enjoys writing like Susan? She …
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Susan’s books

Susan enjoys writing and her idea of a pleasant day is to hide away in her cave (aka bedroom) and write. She cannot abide fiction …
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Prophetic Coaching

The aim of prophetic coaching is to help you overcome obstacles. In the first few minutes, you and the coach define the problem and then …
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