If you want to help build the dream community then read on. The idea behind this site is to build up enough interest to launch an online training centre. The sort of training centre that would support those building the dream community described here. If you haven’t got the time or energy to read that page in full it is in effect a self-sustaining community where the needs of the weakest are met in such a way that they are strengthened rather than weakened further.

The reason why it is self-sustaining is that some people know how to use the mechanism of business. Some use their skills to bring money into an organisation so that the organisation can do good things for others. Others use it to support themselves in such a way that they have a lot of time to use to help others. They could have a business that does one thing but then supports a second organisation. There are many different ways of doing this.

Where do you start?

Like any good product, you start with the minimum viable product. This is the testing ground. It is where you connect with real people and find out what they need and want. You do something that makes sense in terms of a product but you don’t waste your time, money and energy adding all the extras that people might or might not want.

The aim is to get up and running with something, the bare bones really. You then do more of what works and less of what does not. Simple really! Your minimum viable product is a proving ground. It proves that what you are trying to do works. This makes sure that you are building on good foundations.

The best principles can also be found in the Bible and this one is no exception. You start in Jerusalem, a city known as a teaching centre. You then move to Samaria where you are stretched with new issues to resolve. You then go out into the whole world able to be all that you can to help others.

Why am I worth following on this journey?

For one thing, it seems to be what God has designed me to do. I love playing with computers and have picked up quite a few skills along the way. Enough to set up a website and run an online business. I am a teacher at heart always trying to help others increase their ability and skills. I even have the paper qualifications needed to be employed as a business start-up tutor in the UK.

One of my issues is that I am quite good at doing an impersonation of Jonah. Yes, I know what I should be doing but when that challenge comes up it is easier to go in the opposite direction. Things go wrong, then what do I do next, anything but what I am supposed to be doing. Jonah was not given a lot of leeway despite his protestations that he couldn’t do what he was asked to do. Yet God still used him. Jonah said no and God said yes you will and did not listen to his protests of I can’t I am not good enough.

In other words, I am a woman in the trenches doing the stuff rather than a general standing afar off who does not really understand life on the frontline. More of a sergeant who has been trusted by the supreme commander because they have a bit of training and gained quite a bit of experience.

Why would you want to be involved in this?

You have a dream. You want to see a fair society where the weak are strengthened in such a way that they are not weakened further. You know it takes money to sustain progress towards it. Money that will feed and house you and those you work with. You have an idea in mind and probably have made a start with it. Money that will help you do the stuff like pay for the resources that you need to do the work. you have been called to do. Money that to be honest just makes it possible to do all that your heavenly Father wants you to do.

You are willing to go to the front lines and do what it takes to follow the supreme commander’s instructions. You may do what Jonah did and I do i.e. discuss what needs to be done when. Even despite that, you take ground.

The problem is that it can be lonely on the frontline. You could do with some company for support and guidance. From people who know both the enemy you are fighting and the battlefield you are fighting on.

What do you give up by signing up?

They used to call it taking the King’s shilling. It was basically a bribe for signing up to join the army. In the early days of offering this bribe, it was the equivalent of 6 weeks work so it was a lot of money to a poor man. On the other hand, he was putting himself at risk of losing his life or being seriously injured. If he ever did go back to his family he would not be the same again.

The COB Club does not expect that sort of commitment. Being a subscription-based club there are monthly fees. The subs for the first contingent are £10 a month. Not exactly a fortune!

What do you get in return?

Access to a community of fellow followers of the supreme commander who are fighting on the battlefield called business. A place where you can share victories with people who understand what they cost. A place where you can get advice and regroup before you venture out again. Teaching content and resources to help you move forward.

It is all online as well. No hassle time or expense travelling to meetings. Fantastic for those who live outside a big city so would have to travel many miles to get to a meeting.

Notice I said that this is the first contingent. These are the ones who go ahead. The ones who are used as a means of learning how to do things better. That means that the sign up fee is less, possibly a lot less, than it will be later.

The first contingent have an important role. They get to guide the progress towards a better experience for those who follow. In other words they have a responsible role in helping those who come after them.

Still, want to sign up?

Click on the link below and strike while the iron is hot.

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