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Find your Purpose Love your Life

The aim behind this book is to help people make a fresh start. I had been thinking about what I could do to help those who were a few steps behind me on the journey of leaving a challenging situation behind.  This was the answer I came up with.

The first part is about gathering evidence of the things that had caused them problems. After that some the 2 Rs process i.e. release, retune and reframe. After that comes the investigation into what you should be doing.

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Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

This book looks at the issue from the point of view of individuals. Guess what, primarly women. Although there is a lot of wisdom in that book for everyone.

The initial intention of this book was to look at the principles of handling money I found in Proverbs 31. These are just part of the wisdom that this chapter of the Bible contains.

She changed the world around her by the way that she treated others as well as by the way she handled money. She took responsibility for her family’s financial well being, both in good times and in bad. She contributed to the economy of the area where she lived. Not only that but she gave both relief aid and longer-term support to those who needed it. She really did transform society.
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The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

This comes at the idea of finding money for good works from a different perspective. It is targeted at those Christians who want an argument for why they should get involved in business.

The argument is that it is that there are so many ways in which Jesus followers were told to meet the needs of others that it would be impossible to meet those needs without using the tool of business. By relying on donations and gifts they had restricted their income. How could they ever meet 100% of the needs on 10% of the income of their members?

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Everyone CAN Craft

This is the book that Susan wrote about a project that she helped to found. In many ways it was a prototype for the kind of supervisory care and wellbeing projects that Susan realised that she should be concentrating on.

In it are many lessons that she learnt along the way. Some of them surprising. One of the things that she  did not get round to doing and thought was simply the icing on the cake turned out to be essential. The problem was that when one helper left there was little effort put into preparing for their replacement. This led to many more problems than she expected.

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