Money Eyeopner course logoWhy offer a Money Eyeopener course as part of God’s Lily Training? One answer is that if you are going to work towards building something like Lily’s Place you need money.

That works in two ways. One is that the idea behind the course is to help people handle their own money better. The other is that God’s Lily Training runs as a business and businesses offer products for sale so that they can raise the money so that it can achieve its aims and objectives.

However, there is more to this basic transaction. You see if Lily’s Place is to grow and develop it needs people who are able to use the principles taught in the Money Eyeopener course. It is not just helping yourself or helping God’s Lily Training but helping yourself and others build Lily’s Place.

What is the course about?

It looks in some detail at the principles of money management seen in Proverbs 31. Principles that could be applied to any household. Many things were hidden in plain sight in that passage. Plain sight that is to someone who could recognise them for what they were. To see some of them you have to both know the bible and the have some understanding of business or finance. To see others you need some dressmaking and craft skills. How many bible scholars have those kinds of skills so they can point you in the right direction?

You can find out more and either get a taster or even enrol on the course by going to the Money Eyeopener website


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