Thinking about using your skills and experience to help others?

What about starting a business that will help you help others?

Well, I am not sure if those who know me would call me mature as I do have a strong sense of fun but I am old enough to be a grandmother. I am also a firestarter i.e. an ideas person. I see so many possibilities in terms of what I could use as a money-making idea.

Everywhere I look it is I could do this or if I am talking to someone it is you could make that into a business idea. It is crazy!

Then I had an idea of my own. Why not use that fire-starting i.e. that ability to generate ideas to help others? After all one of the hardest things for many people is working out where to start.

They know that they want to do something to increase their income. There are so many things that they want to do to help others and somehow those things need to be paid for. Where does that money come from? One place it could come from is their new business.

Jumping in the deep end

One of the worst things you can do is jump into the deep end fully clothed before you learn to swim. Yet many do the equivalent when starting a business. After all, time is getting on and you do not have any to waste.

Do that and you will struggle badly. The extra weight of the wet clothes pulls you down. You don’t have the skill to turn the clothes you’re wearing into floats that help rather than hinder. In fact, because of your inexperience, you don’t even know that that is even possible. . So you struggle and hopefully you attract the attention of someone with the ability to help you before it is too late.

Launching a  business is no easier than jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool. We think it is so easy that everyone can do it. Do you know how many businesses last long enough to reach their first birthday? Figures vary but commonly they say less than one in every five.

In fact, what many people do is try one thing and when that fails they learn from the experience. For some that learning is I can’t do this. Well maybe they could not do that exact thing but they could do something a bit different that did work.

For others, they learn if only I dropped that expectation that hindrance, those heavy jeans that are pulling me down maybe I will have a better chance of surviving long enough to learn to swim.

Making yourself vulnerable and saying I need a way to make this idea work is not easy. You have skills but what on earth could you do with them to start a business that could grow or at the very least give you the experience that will help you next time.

Start in the shallow end

We at Kingdom Business Development believe in developing businesses that start small. They start with someone in a swimming costume that covers the essentials but doesn’t weigh them down. They start by jumping into a pool where when if they cannot swim for some reason they can put their feet down. They can then stand up and take a breath before starting to swim again. They start with people teaching them the basic strokes and skills like front crawl or backstroke. They take the time to develop confidence in a new environment and may even use float to help them develop skills and confidence.

Do you know what? Those who take the time to learn to swim properly are the ones who build their skills and survive. That seems normal and makes a lot of sense when it comes to swimming and there is no way we would expect to learn by jumping into the deen end fully clothes and be able to win. Yet some do when it comes to starting a business.

Others do the equivalent of standing on the side of the pool saying I wish I had the courage to get started. It is different. It is new. I don’t know if I will be able to swim.

Time to learn some survival skills

We at Kingdom Business Development believe that being able to start a business is as much an essential skill to financial survival as swimming is to survival in water. Many parents ensure their children can swim or at least have basic water survival skills in case they fall into a river or a pool. The aim being to help even very small children or babies develop the survival skills they need if things go wrong.

It is not too late to learn though. Yes being around those Olympic superstars can be off-putting to some. Some of us are inspired by business super-stars but find learning from them somewhat intimidating. They know so much and are so capable that they are nothing like us. Just being around them given how incapable we feel is a challenge. We can’t be like them.

What we can do is learn from someone more like us. The everyday grandmother rather than the Olympic superstar. The one who has been around awhile, long enough to learn to swim and has the certificates to prove it.

Yes, certificates. Our founder Susan qualified to teach adults and then taught people to use computers for many years. She also qualified as a support tutor for those who found reading writing and arithmetic hard. Not only that but she did a business start up course that is of a high enough level to qualify her to teach business start up.

Does any of this resonate with you? If it does it’s time to explore further.

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