Hiding in the inner regions of this website are dozens of text-based courses. What do you expect from someone who enjoys writing like Susan? She has tried making videos but has ended up doing silly things like recording a whole course without checking the microphone is switched on oops.

There is a problem though called keeping the taxman happy. Being in the UK there are certain kinds of courses where we have fulfill all the requirements for digital VAT. Those requirements are not easy to meet and few small businesses can actually do so without using a a third party service, some of which can be quite expensive. The alternative is to set up the kind of courses that does not require us to become embroiled in digital VAT. This is easy enough to do as we have access to software that Susan bought ages ago. The knock on effect is that those kinds of courses cannot be offered on a continuous basis. They need dates where they start and finish.

I know that many people have start and end dates to encourage people to buy. However that kind of scarcity needs to be handled wisely. For KBDL have start and end dates is a way of ensuring we keep the money that we earn rather than giving 20% to a taxman who expects us to meet requirements that also cost us money.

Most courses are offered on the back of a challenge so keep out for the latest challenge dates. One more reason to join the Facebook group.

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