Kingdom Business Development Limited is the overarching business that oversees the activities of the Everyone CAN Craft website. The Kingdom Business Development Support Fund is designed to support small community-based activities that fit with the ethos of on of the projects run by Kingdom Business Development Limited, including Everyone CAN Carft.

The aim of the founder is to create a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in a way that strengthens them rather than weakens them further. The sort of society that would fit very well with the concept of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth.

One of the ways in which Susan believes it is possible to weaken people is enabling them to come into contact with ideas, principles and concepts that are out of alignment with her understanding of the Bible. This includes things like yoga, aromatherapy, reiki, and most martial arts.

Susan also believes that offering funding on a continuous basis is not necessarily helpful so priority will be given to financially supporting new projects rather than existing ones. Notice that it says projects not organisations. Individuals starting new ventures, including social enterprises will also be considered for support.

One of our values is to start small and start locally. This is why to start with the priority is to support projects within the village where our founder lives. For example, projects based at the PPD Community Hwb. The fund is expected to grow as the various projects grow. As it grows the geographical area covered will grow. The central point of the area covered is the PPD Community Hub. The map that shows that circle will be published along with application details in due course.

Where does the money for this fund come from?

There is no profit until the debts have been repaid so this has to be the prioirity. Gaining extra certifications that will improve what Kingdom Business Development Limited can offer has taken both time and money.  Until those debts are paid 10% of the income goes towards this fund. Once that 90% has repaid her debts she will get to keep 10% of the profits. The remaining 90% of the profit will go towards this fund.

If you would like to add to the fund you are welcome to make a donation.
This donation will be kept separate and used to help Kingdom Business Development Limited help people who need a bit of extra help.

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