Here it comes another request for money. Another struggling organisation looking for support. Yes I know we are all somewhat jaded and wondering if it all going to end before your money runs out. This time. I am going to explain how you can take biblical principles to be able to reach that dream of supporting more people in need. What is even better I am going to show you how to help two groups of people at once. One by giving value and one the other by giving money. Intrigued then read on.

We have a problem last the moment churches, charities and ministries are struggling more than usual. For many donations have gone down but the costs of doing the stuff in what seems to be a very different world have not gone down. For some charities, money has being going out but less has been coming in. For many donors the money coming in has gone up slightly but their costs have soared.

The needs in the community are going up due to mental health challenges and other issues made worse by Covid and the reaction to it. Others have been made redundant or their zero hours contact has been zero hours for longer than ever before. You have your own bills to pay and there they are asking you for money. Life is tough. The new normal is an economy the like of which we have not seen for years.

I would take a guess that you like me have seen mass redundancies and high unemployment before. When unemployment goes up and the number of job vacancies goes down you know the economy is in crisis. You want to help others but you don’t have the resources. You may even be old enough to remember the impact of inflation and the sky high interest rates of the early 1990s

What can we do?

I can remember seeing someone carrying a placard saying Jesus is the answer, now what is the question in a March for Jesus in 1988. OK what sort of answer could we find in the Bible to this situation?

There is more to the Bible than the gospels. There is Proverbs 31. Oh no not that ideal woman with the happy home that has been used to beat women up for years. Yes. but there is a lot more to that chapter than that. Those male preachers who wanted you to reach those standards have struggled to admit that she knew how to make money and how to help the poor with it once she had made it. I am not sure if they thought that this would be a step too far as it might just show them up a bit.

Hidden in that poem are a collection of principles on handling money wisely. Ideas that have been around for over 3000 years and still work. She knows how to make money so she had enough to live and enough to give. Not only that but she was prepared when the hard times came.

She is my new role model and I have studied this passage in details and even wrote a book about it.

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