Ideas for any woman who wants to change the world, thrive financially and still be a good wife and mother.

The fair sex, yes. The gentle sex, yes. The strong sex, yes. I do mean strong. There are many woman who have undergone experiences that are beyond the ability of a man to cope with. Faithful Ladies can do exploits because they know their God.

Many people think that Proverbs31 is about the gentle home-making woman. True she does do that but in addition, she built what today would be seen as a multi-million pound international business that started on her kitchen table. She is also a philanthropist who knows the difference between relief aid and development aid and provides for the needs of others in many ways.

This book started as a study of financial principles in Proverbs31. The title has gone through a number of iterations including The Virtuous (and Successful) Woman and Become a Savvy Woman. The text has stayed basically the same but it has been tweaked a bit to match the title. Even the title is a classic case study on how to reach the right audience.

I was struggling to work out what to do next. The answer came after an intense time of prayer. It was after that that I was inspired to do a Facebook challenge within a group called Faithful Ladies Transforming Society.

Much to my amazement, it got some traction and nearly 50 people joined the group. The challenge was as much for me as for them as my intention was to update the text in the light of Covid19 and then read it out chapter by chapter on Facebook lives within the group. That was something of a tech challenge for me never mind a challenge to get it all done within two weeks.

There proved to be a problem with the book I started reading. It stopped too soon. It had a lot of ideas on how to be a faithful woman but virtually nothing on how to transform the world. The only thing I could do was to add the missing chapters. The book grew from in the region of 200 pages to about 300 pages.  Quite a journey.

It is available in paperback on Amazon by clicking here

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