Do you enjoy making things? It could be knitting or papercraft or something less common such as lacemaking. Gender does not matter men have a lot to offer as well. Different crafts may be but we need men so join in guys.

Would you like to be able to help others improve their well-being and join a group of people who want to learn more about how to help others using their crafting skills?

Maybe you have never realised that crafting can actually be used as a therapeutic activity and you would like to know more about what can be achieved.

To join the challenge you will need to register using the form below.

Why is Kingdom Business Development Limited doing this?

One of the mandates of Kingdom Business Development is setting up and supporting supervisory care projects. Another is setting up and supporting healthcare projects.

A supervisory care project can be as simple as setting up a craft group for people with additional care needs. Before it was closed down due to Covid my friend and I ran an offline craft group for people with learning disabilities.

A healthcare project usually includes some kind of therapy. A therapy is anything that improves your health or state of mind that does not involve surgery or medication. Believe it or not, running a craft group or just doing crafting at home falls into that category.

Now you know why Kingdom Business Development Limited is looking at ideas about how to use crafting to help people.

What is your part in this?

Remember what the mandate said says what Kingdom Business Development Limited should be doing in relation to those projects i.e. setting up and supporting. Well, there is a limit to how many projects Susan can set up herself.

The answer to that problem is to find people to work with. You don’t necessarily have to have oodles of qualifications. We were concerned that this could be the case with the offline craft group we ran before it was stopped in its tracks by Covid. Yet we soon realised that all we needed as crafters was a hefty dose of common sense seasoned by love.

The follow on from this challenge is a learning and sharing program that will build up and strengthen those who want to take this idea further. There will be a membership charge of course but more of that later.

This membership will suit those who are passionate about using crafts to improve the well-being of those around them. It does not matter if it is general crafts with people with cognitive impairment or knitting with people who have had a stroke.

Before that though you will need to sign up for the challenge itself to taste and see what we are doing. You can sign up using the form below.

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