Do you want to do something about playing your part in creating a fair society where the needs of the weak are met without weakening them further?

It is tough isn’t it? I mean what do we do?

  • We can pray for those who are struggling? Although this makes it easier for things to happen it does not resolve the whole problem. I mean who is going to do the stuff!
  • We can try and persuade the politicians to do more to bring about positive changes. The problem with politics is that it takes ages to make things happen. Then politicians have a habit of keeping themselves in a job by making constant so-called improvements. Sometimes we like the changes and sometimes we don’t.
  • I look around and I see people who are praying for revival. You know that special oomph from God that will encourage even those outside the church to suddenly attend church or look for God for themselves. You would think that that was all it took to change the world for the better.
  • I have heard the occasional preacher who says that the current political or economic crisis will encourage people to turn to God and the church needs to be ready to help the increasing numbers of people in need.

We need to DO something

All of those approaches go part way to resolving the issue of  creating a fair society but I have my severe doubts whether any one of them on their own will actually do it. I look around and realise that we have to do a lot more than we are doing. I know people will step up if things got harder in the future but I also know that there are plenty of people who need help now. I also know that if we improve our skills in helping hands ministries today that if tomorrow turns out to be as horrific as some people suggest it could become then it will be easier to step up when the going gets tough.

Yes, improve our skills. We thought that we had a good idea what we were doing when we started Heavenly Crafts. After all what could be so hard about setting up a craft group?

One issue we had was that the people who came along were not quite the ones we anticipated. We thought that when we said learning disabilities that if we used ideas from a children’s craft book and made them more adult then it would be easy to find things people could do. The first person who came arrived in a wheelchair had limited mobility in their hands in addition to limited speech. We found out later that no one really knew how much they could see as well. We had an activity planned and thank God we were able to adapt it so that they were able to do something and take it home with them.

A different crowd meant different refreshments. Biscuits proved too hard unless dunked in tea so cake started to appear. Some brought their own cups others their thickeners. When we found a pile of currants on the table we realised that fruit scones were maybe not the best of ideas.

What we learnt?

We knew none of this before we started. We had to learn as we went along. We learnt about each other as team members. Our strengths, our weaknesses and even the problems that were caused when our strengths were overextended.

One of our major lessons what that this is a partnership. We could do what we could to get posters displayed around the area to use as bait. But it was only God who draws the fish to the bait and brings them to Heavenly Crafts. We could be willing to be His hands and feet but we had to depend on his wisdom to know what to do when.

How to do something like this yourself?

One of the first steps in setting up Heavenly Crafts was realising that two ladies both had craft skills and both wanted to use those skills to help others. There are two biblical principles working together here. One is that God has prepared good works ahead of us to do and the other is that God has given us everything that we need to live the life that He wants us to live. It was all there we just had to have our eyes opened.

Once we had made a start we found that there were ways in which the ruins of past attempts to do something made it harder to do things in the present. You see I had tried starting a craft group before but it never really got off the ground and my friend had all sorts of dreams of how she could help people with learning difficulties that had never materialised. We had to deal with that situation as we went along. It might have been easier if we had been prepared for this to happen.

After that came the plan.

  • How could we gather any additional resources that we think that we needed? This included reference books, craft materials, storage space.
  • How could we draw on past experience to help us? Helping family members, supporting others in the community, work experience?
  • What would the prototype project be like? We found that this was essential. It helped us see what was really needed and what actually worked. The dream for both of us was to build on the prototype and use it as a stepping stone towards doing more things in the future.
  • How will we record what we have learned from what we have done and how will we use that experience to expand on Heavenly Crafts and move to the next step on our plans. One of the things that I did was write a book.

What could you do?

There are people with needs all over the place. Some of them are obvious but some are not very obvious at all. Some people know they are in a pickle but cannot read the label on the pickle jar. In other words, they are in a difficult situation but they do not know what others call that situation. Because they do not know or struggle to accept the label they cannot understand that what others are doing is supposed to be helping people like them.

There are people with solutions all over the place as well. Things that you could use to gather ideas on how to help people. My classic example is a gardening project that helps those who are struggling financially by providing good quality food at low cost while also helping those who are struggling with their mental health. The produce helps meet one need and spending time working in a garden helps meet another.

I have had dreams of projects that will help people start small businesses and gradually over time for that to improve their income and their lives. Or what about projects that support business owners to grow their business to take on more people. That is a variation on the theme of helping people increase their income by helping them find a job. I first came up with this when I realised that some churches and charities were struggling with a reduction in income because people did not have the money to give. To me that seemed a logical solution to that problem as if people had more money they could give more money.

The hardest part

Daft as it sounds the hardest part is working out what you can actually do. It helps when you know what God has designed you to do. That is why the core training starts with looking at what you can do. There truly are loads of ideas out there. (I have already shared those that I have had and I am sure that only scratched the surface in terms of what is possible.) The problem is finding the overlap between what you are designed to do and what people need and then developing a prototype to see what really can be done to improve the situation.

There are some people who get stuck because they struggle to see that they need a prototype. I am thinking of the group who wanted to start a community cafe. They recognised that they needed somewhere to operate this cafe from. Yet the only ideas they had of where to set this up created an insurmountable obstacle for them. They thought they had to start with buying a building then running a cafe full time. It was only when someone else helped them see another solution to the problem of premises that the community cafe got off the ground. Using those premises one morning a week helped them develop a prototype.

The easiest way forwards

OK, I am biased but I think that the easiest way forwards is to sign up for the God’s Lily Core Training Programme. I don’t know about you but I have found it remarkably hard to work out what my strengths and weaknesses are.

For example, it has not always been easy working out what I really like to have around the house. It was only when I sat down and made a list of all the artificial flowers I had around the house that I actually realised that I preferred cream and white flowers. It seriously had not dawned on me. Now I have recognised this I will not bother looking at other colours just the white and cream ones. It makes it so much quicker and easier to make decisions when you have that kind of inside information about yourself. Yet it did not dawn on me that that was what I really liked for decades.

OK, that is a very small piece of my design but do you know what, we often find the same thing happens with the larger and more important parts of our design. Until we recognise our design and work with it we will be very unhappy people. Once we recognise what we are designed to do it becomes much easier to work out what we can do to make the world a better place.

That though is only the first part of the core training. After that we take what you have recognised about yourself and use that to create a plan that will help you develop a prototype.

How it all works

There is a library of materials within a membership site. Materials that will help you work out more about yourself and what God has designed you to do. Problem with that is that not everyone likes doing that much reading and it is not always easy working things out for yourself.  That is why you need someone to bounce ideas of so you can take advantage of the system that sends emails just to the course leader (aka God’s Lily).

In addition at least twice a month there will be live calls that look at the points where people have got stuck on the programme and give everyone who turns up to the live event the opportunity to ask questions. These are all recorded and added to the membership area.

The benefits of the Core Programme

How would your life be different if you finally started doing the very thing that God has designed you to do?

What would it mean for your community or church if you actually made a start getting something off the ground?

How would you feel when you had made that kind of breakthrough?

If you are like most people, my guess is that it would be amazing – truly, genuinely life-changing!

Yet it is not just you though is it. If you are doing something in partnership with God then you will be doing your bit in terms of bringing heaven to earth. Imagine what it would be like then to see the huge smile on His face when He sees what you are doing.

What is all this worth?

The one thing that the professional sellers online is come up with some figures what things are worth then knock the price down so that it seems as if you have got a good deal. Well, I am not going to do that but I do believe that a labourer is worthy of their hire.

Now, here’s the thing, I don’t get a salary for the work that I do. It took time to research and write all those materials. A reasonable estimate is 1000 hours. Even at a relatively low hourly rate like £10 that comes to £10 000. Then I have to pay for the running costs of the website and all the other overheads on top of that. How do I recoup an investment of £15 000?

Put it like that and you will see why I am concerned that asking you to contribute £50 a month for taking part in the Core Training Programme is not really enough. It definitely will not make my fortune. Nor will help me gather the resources for the next stage of developing God’s Lily Training but it is a lot better than the fresh air that some people are expected to live on within the Christian community. However, I have added what is known in the business as a bump offer. If you don’t feel as if you have been charged enough you will be able to use that bump offer to make a donation towards the work of God’s Lily Training. It is your choice.

All you need to do now is click the button below to enroll in The Core Programme and you will be taken to the payment page and after that sent an email that will give you the details of how to access the training materials so that you can make a start.

Enrol here

I want to see your plans for your prototype written up and you finally get over all the obstacles that have been stopping you make the first step of making your dream project a reality. If you do as well, you need to enroll in The Core Programme.

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