If the strapline of the God Lily web site speaks to you then you will be someone who wants to change the world. However, if you are anything like me you will have experienced all sorts of frustration.

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You have wanted to see something happen but all sorts of crazy things have got in the way. It could be your own personal life.

How about this series of events. You cannot do anything because you are struggling to deal with the consequences of the mental health diagnosis that your husband has had. You have two options in terms of change. You can find ways of helping to reduce the impact of that diagnosis, preferably with a miraculous healing that does what the medics say is impossible for them to achieve. Or you can get out of there but if you did that it would mean doing something that God hates i.e. killing off your marriage.

You stick it out and do the best that you can to chase after your dream. You read and do courses and whatever preparation that you can. You believe that if you try and escape and allow your marriage to die then it will stop your dream in its tracks. In fact, you seek out advice to see if you can make your dream come true only to be told that you need a supportive husband if you are going to make a success of it. You are stuck. The healing never happens and the marriage deteriorates.

Eventually, you cry out to God for help to get unstuck. After that, He organises a divorce for you. All you have to do is lean on God and He carries you out of the situation. Afterwards, you try following the dream again only to be told wait let the dust settle. You wait a while as advised but then you try again and this time you get a step further but still get stopped in your tracks not just once but twice more.

Time is marching on but you have to wait for two years before you can ask again. Guess what you try and again and your request falls flat. You are at the end of the line. You have run out of time and your last chance fades away.

You think back at what has happened over the years and realise that you wasted a lot of time trying to do the right thing. You knew divorce was wrong, so no matter what happened you tried not to take that route. According to the law of the land, the behaviour that led to that mental health diagnosis was a good enough reason to pursue a divorce.

What is worse you find a Christian  counsellor who is experienced in the area of destructive relationships and realise that if you had followed their advice you would have got out many years before. You would not have wasted so much time trying to survive in such a difficult situation.  You would have got out many years before you did and have avoided a considerable amount of pain as a result. You would have recognised that you were simply not strong enough to survive never mind move forwards.

It did not help that after you got out you were tempted not to walk away completely. You then realised from the scriptures that this would mean putting yourself in harm’s way but would not help him. If that was the case then there must have been a point of no return and you wonder how much time you spent in a situation that was beyond redemption.

I  hope that you have not experienced frustration to that extent. Going through extreme pain while trying to do what you think is right only to lose out in the end is not easy.

Many people have experienced the frustration of dreams not coming true. They have a dream but then health issues got in the way or they never found a way of making it happen.

One of my beams was not what I expected

I am presuming that you have read the taster. (If not sign up for your copy here.) It briefly discusses the topics covered in this course. One of those topics is the beams in our eyes.

Can you work out what my beam was in that situation? I was so determined that divorce was wrong that it became a beam in my eye. I could not see beyond that beam. I had friends and family who tried to suggest that staying together was wrong and I simply would not listen to them. Divorce was wrong and that was the end of the matter.

God had to allow me to sink into a pit before He could lift me out. Before He could lift me out He had to persuade me to give him permission. He got that by making me so frustrated that I screamed “I am stuck get me unstuck so that I can serve you better”. He then took me at my word and changed my life in the way that He had wanted to change it for a long time.

It was even crazier than that because one of the things He had to do was direct me to somewhere that I could gain some strength to help me get through the process. He did this by encouraging me to do a series of courses where I both learnt useful things and gained the strength I needed while He carried me out into a new life.

He found a way to make me overcome that beam. It was hard seeing life without that beam. It took some time to get used to it. God was gracious enough to help me by pointing me in the direction of a counselor to help me deal with the situation. I was carried out of that situation once I gave God permission to help me in the way that He wanted to help me.

Becoming a world changer

My beam had left me imprisoned in a difficult situation. It was only when that was gone that I finally got out. My life and the lives of those around me would have been very different if I had not had that beam in my eye.

Yes that really was just one of the beams in my eye. Just one like that would have been enough but there have been more. I have learnt a lot about beams and fences the hard way.

Do you know what the first step in changing the world is? It is changing your own world. You will change your own world by dealing with your beams. Once  you  have changed your own world you will be able to do things that will change the world of others.

The cost of not being a world changer

For me holding onto that beam was incredibly costly. It led to me being estranged from my family. It led to me going through a number of seriously painful situations. I was stuck and in more pain than I hope you are capable of imagining.

It is tough letting go of dreams and visions. Often they are what has carried us through tough times. They are things that give us the hope of a better future while we are struggling through the times when life is not plain sailing. We know that the future is going to be better if only we can get there but then we don’t and we are deflated, disappointed, disillusioned and hopelessness sets in.

Mercifully not all my dreams and visions have completely bitten the dust. Some have gained diversions as I have zigzagged around. I have learnt a lot of lessons on the way.

It would have been so much easier if I had had a guide to show me the way. Someone who could help me work through what the beams in my eye were and help me work out what fences I can cross. That is what this course will help you do. The only person who can make such choices is you but we can help you.

There is something a bit different about the enrollment fee. The price in the cart is set at a minimum price but you can put in any price you want above that. It is not free as who values something is free? The idea of doing it like that is so that those who are struggling can access a copy while those who can afford to pay a bit more can do so. The minimum price is set at £10 but a more realistic guide price is £50.

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