It is not just about spending as that would be a budget or a spending plan. It is not just about bringing money in either. It is a Money Plan where you think about what is coming in and what is going out so that you can achieve what you want to achieve with your money.

Module 1Why bother with a Money Plan?
Unit 1YMP 0 Introduction to Your Money Plan
Unit 2YMP 1.0 A money plan?
Unit 3YMP 1.1 Why have a spending plan?
Unit 4YMP 1.2 Spending priorities
Unit 5YMP 1.3 Why do you want to achieve those things?
Unit 6YMP 1.5 Using money to make money
Unit 7YMP 1.5 Avoiding bad debt
Unit 8YMP 1.7 Some signs that you need to do something to get back on track urgently
Module 2Where are you now?
Unit 1YMP 2.0 Getting started especially when there is nowhere left to hide
Unit 2YMP 2.1 Where does the money come from?
Unit 3YMP 2.2 Where does the money go?
Unit 4YMP 2.3 discussion forum add link
Unit 5YMP 2.4 Does it balance?
Unit 6YMP 2.5 Two useful additional tools
Module 3Making ends meet
Unit 1YMP 3.0 Does it balance?
Unit 2YMP 3.1 One off ways for bridging a gap
Unit 3YMP 3.2 Longer term ways of increasing your income
Unit 4YMP 3.3 Decrease expenditure
Module 4Is debt slavery?
Unit 1YMP 4.1 Why borrow money?
Unit 2YMP 4.2 How does debt leave us exposed to other problems?
Unit 3YMP 4.3 Why do we get into debt?
Unit 4YMP 4.4 Managing debts
Unit 5YMP 4.5 Developing a repayment plan
Unit 6YMP 4.6 Things to remember when dealing with debt
Unit 7YMP 4.7 Borrowing money responsibly
Module 5Responsible spending
Unit 1YMP 5.0 Spending
Unit 2YMP 5.1 What can you do without?
Unit 3YMP 5.2 discussion forum What can you do without?
Unit 4YMP 5.3 Look for cheaper ways of doing the same thing
Unit 5YMP 5.4 Maintaining control over your spending
Unit 6YMP 5.5 Some things to consider when making spending choices
Unit 7YMP 5.6 Spending levels and our needs
Unit 8YMP 5.7 Extreme situations with spending
Module 6Building up your reserves
Unit 1YMP 6.1 Savings are important
Unit 2YMP 6.2 Why is it important to save?
Unit 3YMP 6.3 Practicalities of saving
Unit 4YMP 6.4 Ethical saving
Module 7Further ideas
Unit 1YMP 7.0 Other ideas
Unit 2YMP 7.1 Make a will
Unit 3YMP 7.2 Investing money
Unit 4YMP 7.3 Insurance
Unit 5YMP 7.4 Pensions
Unit 6YMP 7.5 Giving
Module 8Making sense of it all
Unit 1YMP 8.0 The five dimensions of GLT and your money plan
Unit 2YMP 8.1 Receiving money takes choices
Unit 3YMP 8.2 What does your money plan look like?
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