Module 1Who are you trying to reach?
There are no units in this module.
Module 2What is your message?
Unit 1What are you going to stand up for?
Unit 2What is holding the people you want to serve captive?
Unit 3What is the Promised Land like? Where do they want to land up.
Unit 4What is their new identity?
Unit 5What new opportunities does this change open up for them?
Unit 6What sort of future are they fighting for?
Module 3Recognisance according to Numbers
Unit 1Numbers
Unit 2It is important to get a good feel of the lay of the land
Unit 3It is important to know who is already there
Unit 4It is important to know how many challengers you will have?
Unit 5It is important to know who lives in the land at the moment?
Unit 6It is important to know if the land will sustain you
Unit 7Do you go into the Promised Land, or not?
Module 4How reach prospective attendees?
Unit 1Posters and leaflets
Unit 2Facebook
Unit 3Website
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