We all know that there are times when things go wrong. But if we think about how we will cope with a  problem ahead of time we have the opportunity to do things now that will make it easier to cope if things go wrong.

Module 1What are the risks?
Unit 1SAHE Do a household risk assessment first
Unit 2SAHE What do THEY say could happen?
Unit 3SAHE Why bother?
Unit 4SAHE Heavenly Ideas on why there are risks
Module 2Who can help?
Unit 1SAHE Central Government
Unit 2SAHE Local Authorities
Unit 3SAHE Other helpers
Unit 4SAHE Heavenly ideas on who can help
Module 3Making a start on your plan
Unit 1SAHE What to prepare for?
Unit 2SAHE What issues do you need to consider in your plan?
Unit 3SAHE Review existing resources
Unit 4SAHE Get the skills you need
Unit 5SAHE What are the needs of individuals in your household?
Unit 6SAHE Heavenly ideas on how to get organised to cope better
Module 4Reducing hazards around your home
Unit 1SAHE Dealing with hazards at home
Unit 2SAHE Electrical safety check list
Unit 3SAHE Celebrate and stay safe
Unit 4SAHE Candles
Unit 5SAHE Reducing the risk of falling at home for everyone
Unit 6SAHE Reducing the risk of those who are less mobile falling
Unit 7SAHE Reducing the risk of babies and small children falling
Unit 8SAHE Watch what you throw away
Unit 9SAHE Heavenly ideas on home hazards
Module 5Health issues
Unit 1SAHE It is important to take care of yourself
Unit 2SAHE Getting medical help from outside the household - check phone number
Unit 3SAHE Recordings - Fits
Unit 4SAHE Recordings - Wounds
Unit 5SAHE Recordings - Collapsed
Unit 6SAHE Recordings - Breathing but unconscious
Unit 7SAHE Recordings - CPR for babies
Unit 8SAHE Recordings - CPR for adults
Unit 9SAHE Recordings - Burns
Unit 10SAHE Heavenly ideas on medical and health issues
Unit 11SAHE Avoiding household poisoning accidents
Module 6Keeping in touch whatever happens
Unit 1SAHE The basics of keeping in touch
Unit 2SAHE Creating a contact list
Unit 3SAHE Communicating without using a phone hand set
Unit 4SAHE Heavenly ideas on communication
Module 7Money and legal stuff to think about
Unit 1SAHE Financial and legal matters that you need others to help you with
Unit 2SAHE Setting up a household inventory
Unit 3SAHE Other ideas about financial matters
Unit 4SAHE Important documents that need to be kept in a secure place
Unit 5SAHE Heavenly ideas on finance
Module 8Fire safety
Unit 1SAHE Fire prevention and detection
Unit 2SAHE How to cope once a fire breaks out
Unit 3SAHE Chip pan fires - a case study in how to deal with a small fire
Unit 4SAHE More on preventive equipment
Unit 5SAHE How to get out if there is a fire
Unit 6SAHE Heavenly ideas on fire
Module 9Flooding
Unit 1SAHE Flooding – Will it affect you?
Unit 2SAHE Dealing with the possibility of being flooded
Unit 3SAHE Other things to be aware of in a flood situation
Unit 4SAHE Evacuation due to flooding - or anything else
Unit 5SAHE Heavenly ideas on flooding
Module 10Dealing with adverse weather
Unit 1SAHE Ideas for preparing for the worst of winter weather
Unit 2SAHE Hypothermia
Unit 3SAHE Other issues to think about in relation to winter weather
Unit 4SAHE Drought
Unit 5SAHE Heavenly ideas on weather issues
Module 11Old articles from Prepared Home
Unit 1SAHE Don't let carbon monoxide kill you
Unit 2SAHE Using a computer with one hand
Unit 3SAHE Hay box cookery
Unit 4SAHE Illness - are you ready?
Unit 5SAHE Seeing where you are going without electricity
Unit 6SAHE Keeping occupied without a television (or computer)
Module 12Checklists
Unit 1SAHE Food preparation checklist
Unit 2SAHE Things to consider when choosing what food to store
Unit 3SAHE Ideas on storing things to drink
Unit 4SAHE Personal hygiene checklist
Unit 5SAHE Clothing and footwear checklist
Unit 6SAHE Staying warm and comfortable at night
Unit 7SAHE Lighting checklist
Unit 8SAHE Medical and health checklist
Unit 9SAHE Keeping warm checklist
Unit 10SAHE Shelter checklist
Unit 11SAHE Tools and useful accessories checklist
Unit 12SAHE Entertainment checklist
Unit 13SAHE Communication checklist
Unit 14SAHE Staying safe at home checklist
Unit 15SAHE Sanitation and laundry checklist
Unit 16SAHE Household non-food items
Unit 17SAHE Animal checklist (both as friend and foe)
Module 13Completing your plan
Unit 1SAHE How are you going to move forwards?
Unit 2SAHE Developing a spending plan so you can buy what you think you need
Unit 3SAHE Final points about getting organised
Unit 4SAHE Testing and reviewing your plan
Unit 5SAHE Using the planning template
Unit 6SAHE Heavenly ideas on planning
Module 14sahe extras
Unit 1SAHE Ideas to reduce the risk of falling at home
Unit 2SAHE Packing and storage ideas
Unit 3SAHE Financial preparation - the basics
Unit 4SAHE Electric blankets
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