Module 1Meet and greet at the carnival
Unit 1STALL What to expect
Unit 2STALL Finding carnival organisers and booking stalls
Unit 3STALL Building your own Facebook page
Unit 4STALL Costs of having a stall
Module 2Getting your stall ready
Unit 1STALL Preparation for your stall
Unit 2STALL What goes on your stall?
Unit 3STALL How do you arrange the furniture?
Module 3Set up and take down
Unit 1STALL Presentation is important
Unit 2STALL How do you position your stall?
Unit 3STALL How do you attract attention to your stall?
Unit 4STALL Branding
Unit 5STALL Taking down and packing up
Module 4Are you ready for anything?
Unit 1STALL Expect the unexpected
Unit 2STALL Think and be sensible
Unit 3STALL Are you ready for the weather?
Unit 4STALL Other possible risks to think about
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