Module 1POD What is print on demand?
Unit 1POD What is POD?
Unit 2POD Why use print on demand?
Module 2POD How do you sell POD items?
Unit 1POD How do you sell it?
Unit 2POD Online or offline
Unit 3POD Develop your own site
Unit 4POD Using other sites
Unit 5POD It depends on your supplier
Module 3POD Who do you sell your POD products to?
Unit 1POD Who do you want to serve?
Unit 2POD Adding a boundary
Unit 3POD Stating the difference (or describing your niche)
Module 4POD How do your products get found?
Unit 1POD What are people looking for?
Unit 2POD How do you use keywords?
Module 5POD How do you find ideas for designs?
Unit 1POD Inspirational ideas
Unit 2POD What is selling well for others at the moment?
Unit 3POD Inspiration from images
Unit 4POD Quotations proverbs etc
Unit 5POD Ideas from the calendar
Module 6POD How do you bring designs to reality?
Unit 1mmp canva
Unit 2mmp snappa
Unit 3mmp pikto chart
Unit 4mmp lucid chart
Unit 5mmp gravit designer
Module 7POD How to avoid common pitfalls?
There are no units in this module.
Module 8POD What do your buyers need?
Unit 1POD Why are they buying your product?
Unit 2POD Seasonal
Module 9POD How do they know that they have found what they are looking for?
Unit 1POD The importance of a good image
Unit 2POD The importance of words
Module 10POD What are the mechanics of selling?
Unit 1POD Payment processors
Unit 2POD The importance of timing
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