Module 12
Unit 0OP Why plan?
Unit 0OP The importance of communication
Unit 0OP Just for Christians
Unit 0OP What do those yoru are presenting the plan to want to get out of the project?
Unit 0OP Research your readers
Module 22
Unit 0OP Who are the intended beneficiaries of this project?
Unit 0OP What need does it meet?
Unit 0OP How did you discover this need?
Unit 0OP What level of need is there?
Module 32
Unit 0OP Why are you a good person to start this project?
Unit 0OP What relevant experience do you have?
Unit 0OP What qualifications do you have, if any?
Unit 0OP What reading or additional study have you done?
Unit 0OP How does this fit in with your gifting and other interests?
Unit 0OP Why this section on why you are the right person to start this project can be so hard to complete?
Module 42
Unit 0OP Learning from others
Unit 0OP Facing competition
Module 52
Unit 0OP Awareness raising methods
Unit 0OP Some general points
Module 62
Unit 0OP Use of a room:
Unit 0OP Financial support
Unit 0OP Organisational back up
Module 72
Unit 0OP Ancient wisdom
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