This course looks at the things that arose in the conference in November 2016 where we had a breakout group on the topic of business.

Module 1Business as a tool for serving others (aka outreach and mission)
Unit 1IB How do we develop new expressions of business?
Unit 2IB How do we make ministry more self-sustaining? (i.e. fund good works through business activities)
Unit 3IB How do we make people more self-sustaining? (e.g.help those without work but entrepreneurial enough to run an illicit business)
Module 2Business as a tool for changing the world (aka building God's Kingdom)
Unit 1IB How do we find Kingdom encounters?
Unit 2IB What does kingdom look within business?
Unit 3IB How do we lead the way as kingdom organisations?
Unit 4IB How do we make business church?
Module 3Business as a tool for personal development (aka discipleship)
Unit 1IB How do we make business more about heart?
Unit 2IB What does success look like?
Unit 3IB How do we challenge the gods of money and success?
Unit 4IB Why are Christians so embarrassed/afraid of making money?
Unit 5IB How can you make a profit without chasing it?
Unit 6IB What can we as Christians learn from business?
Unit 7IB How can we be authentic in business?
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