Module 1from other courses
Unit 1CW Donations Copy
Unit 2CW Grants Copy
Unit 3CW Money from investors (and the banks) Copy
Unit 4CW Commissioning and procurement Copy
Unit 5CW Trading as a business Copy
Unit 6CW What could you sell? Copy
Unit 7CW Payments by individuals Copy
Unit 8CW Raising money online Copy
Unit 9CW Running events Copy
Unit 10CW Some questions for those considering what product they will offer people Copy
Unit 11CW Things to think about related to money Copy
Module 2other courses hisotrymakers
Unit 1CW Individuals, organisations and money Copy
Unit 2CW Start up costs Copy
Unit 3CW Personal survival budget (PSB) Copy
Unit 4CW Income forecast Copy
Unit 5CW Putting together a spending plan Copy
Unit 6CW Cash flow Copy
Unit 7CW Full cost recovery Copy
Unit 8CW How to keep accounts Copy
Unit 9CW Do you need help maintaining the financial records? Copy
Unit 10CW Volunteers and expenses Copy
Unit 11CW Setting boundaries Copy
Module 3fkw
Unit 1FKW The background behind this book Copy
Unit 2FKW God causes the lonely to live in families. He leads prisoners into prosperity but rebels live on parched land. Ps 68 v 6 Copy
Unit 3FKW Other things that could influence our attitudes Copy
Unit 4M Wealth transfers Copy
Unit 5M More recent impacts Copy
Unit 6M What effect does the economic climate have? Copy
Unit 7M What you need to do? Copy
Unit 8M Using the law to help yourself Copy
Module 4Cut and come again income
Unit 1Recurring income
Unit 2Produce once then read many times
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