This material has been gathered from a number of different sources including the notes that God's Lily brought home from the Hisotrymaker's Bile School.

Module 1CW What were you designed to do?
Unit 1CW Introduction
Unit 2CW Finding your sphere of influence
Unit 3CW How are you going to work in your sphere of influence?
Module 2CW Money and other objections
Unit 1CW How will I be able to afford to do this?
Unit 2CW Keeping a roof over your head
Unit 3CW Is it possible to create a self-sustaining project?
Unit 4CW Find a set it and forget it income
Unit 5CW Is your project a social enterprise?
Unit 6CW Is it time for a personal review?
Unit 7CW Handling objections
Module 3CW Research and preparation
Unit 1CW Education and working for others to gather wisdom
Unit 2CW Other ways of gathering wisdom
Unit 3CW Is there a gap to fill?
Unit 4CW Know your community
Unit 5CW Other forms of research
Module 4CW Developing your project
Unit 1CW What could you do to change the world?
Unit 2CW Developing a plan to resolve a social problem
Unit 3CW Helping them deal with change
Module 5CW What do you do to help people in your project?
Unit 1CW What can we do for others?
Unit 2CW Preparing a teaching programme
Unit 3CW Starting a campaign
Unit 4CW Using the Internet
Module 6CW Developing your plan
Unit 1CW Why plans are important
Unit 2CW Lessons learnt from planning web based projects
Unit 3CW Why bother to plan?
Module 7CW What type of organisation are you?
Unit 1CW Why bother with a legal structure?
Unit 2CW Setting up the structure for your organisation
Unit 3CW Legal structures for businesses
Unit 4CW Other structures
Unit 5CW Documents required by the regulatory authorities
Unit 6CW Staying safe
Unit 7CW Is your organisation a social enterprise?
Module 8CW Where does the money come from?
Unit 1CW Donations
Unit 2CW Grants
Unit 3CW Money from investors (and the banks)
Unit 4CW Commissioning and procurement
Unit 5CW Trading as a business
Unit 6CW What could you sell?
Unit 7CW Payments by individuals
Unit 8CW Raising money online
Unit 9CW Running events
Module 9CW Getting the money thing right
Unit 1CW Individuals, organisations and money
Unit 2CW Start up costs
Unit 3CW Personal survival budget (PSB)
Unit 4CW Income forecast
Unit 5CW Putting together a spending plan
Unit 6CW Cash flow
Unit 7CW Full cost recovery
Unit 8CW How to keep accounts
Unit 9CW Do you need help maintaining the financial records?
Unit 10CW Volunteers and expenses
Unit 11CW Setting boundaries
Module 10CW Follow up
Unit 1CW What is bullying?
Unit 2CW What is harassment?
Unit 3CW Governing values
Unit 4CW Things to think about related to money
Unit 5CW Reproducing your project
Unit 6CW Extras (PDF books)
Unit 7CW Some of the basic principles promoted by Lily's Online Place
Unit 8CW Some questions for those considering what product they will offer people
Unit 9CW Staying safe - food
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