Module 1What are Kingdom people called to do?
Unit 1What support does the community need? (Ezekiel chapter 34 verse 4)
Unit 2Meeting the needs of people (The Manifesto that is NOT for imps chapter 4)
Unit 3What do people need?
Unit 4Being salt and light in world
Unit 5Good works notes starting from Isaiah chapter 1 verse 17
Module 2Why do we struggle to get started?
Unit 1Expecting a miracle but not helping yourself
Unit 2Waiting for God to do something to make what want to do possible
Unit 3Waiting for a sign or opportunity rather than doing something to make progress
Unit 4reap what you sow
Unit 5Forgotten how to dream as extinguished so often
Unit 6pull down by others
Unit 7Obstacles when marketing also relevant here
Unit 8influence of past
Unit 9Is it right?
Unit 10Ask and you might not receive
Unit 11ideas from elsewhere
Unit 12Be self
Unit 13countering lies
Module 3not text
Unit 1Some lost zeal
Unit 2Whose dream is it?
Unit 3Some people become dead beats as no vision
Unit 4Some lost love
Unit 5Unwilling to do preparation
Unit 6Loedacian church wimps
Unit 7Dream killers include opposition that is designed to teach and make us fight but we lose the battle
Unit 8• Do we really expect what we say we can have or do we hide our fear that can do things based on lack of achievement from the past
Unit 9If what like to do then cannot be from God as he expects us to do something hard
Unit 10Imposter syndrome e.g. not enough certificates
Unit 11Need to learn practical skills
Unit 12Entitlement rather than work for things
Unit 13Enemy’s mission is to steal kill and destroy
Unit 14Take personal responsibility
Unit 15guilt and anxiety raise heads
Unit 16Struggle to see value in self. No one will want me.
Unit 17Make decision to start
Unit 18Need to know own ability and authority in Christ
Unit 19Need to be strong with self
Module 4What can we do to win this battle?
Unit 1Start at right level i.e. with prototype or minimum viable product
Unit 2Why business?
Unit 3Why on earth is something like Lily's Place needed?
Unit 4Learn to fight with right strategy
Unit 5Effects of out migration
Unit 6Change own mindset
Unit 7free will
Unit 8Business how could you?
Unit 9God and control
Unit 10What do you need to do to prepare
Unit 11Consistency and persistence essential
Unit 12Read and learn from others to get ideas
Unit 13Work on weaknesses that stop us working with others Work with others whose strengths balance our weaknesses
Unit 14Pray to overcome practical and spiritual obstacles
Unit 15carry a burden
Module 5fxb podcast ideas
Unit 1Episode 002 Intro to series with Is 1:17 and Mat 25
Unit 2Episode 003 seek justice (Is 1:17)
Unit 3Episode 004 relieve the oppressed (Is 1:17)
Unit 4episode 005 correct the oppressor
Unit 5episode 006 defend the fatherless
Unit 6episode 007- plead for the widow
Unit 7Episode 008 Intro to series with Mat 25
Unit 8Episode ?? When meet needs the needs of others we are rewarded Sermon on the mount
Module 6Kingdom and disability
Unit 110.1. The poor you will always have with you
Unit 210.2. Leviticus exclusions overturned by Jesus with Zac
Unit 310.3. Some issues caused by sin and if deal with sin i.e. root cause will improve or even remove issue
Unit 410.4. Equating disability with sin is no better than accusations made against Job
Unit 510.5. God sub-contracts some of his best work to his ancient enemy
Unit 610.6. trials are a gymnasium we need them to become the person we need to be
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