Trying to do something for God and struggling to pay for it this will help

Module 1background and introduction
Unit 1FKW The background behind this book
Unit 2The author's journey
Unit 3Paying for a pioneering project
Module 2Some thougths from scripture (possibly unexpected ones)
Unit 1FKW God causes the lonely to live in families. He leads prisoners into prosperity but rebels live on parched land. Ps 68 v 6
Unit 2God causes the lonely to live in families.
Unit 3Can you lead if you don’t know the way yourself?
Unit 4community
Unit 5Why would rebels end up living on parched land?
Unit 6If you are preparing new wine how do you fit it into old wine skins?
Unit 7new?
Module 3You cannot look at finanical issues in isolation
Unit 1legal structures
Unit 2After the strategy is in place then come the principles
Unit 3After the principles are in place then come the systems
Unit 4Why speak of strategy, principles and systems when thinking about the financial aspects of a business or project?
Unit 5Using the law to help yourself
Unit 6What you need to do?
Unit 7What effect does the economic climate have?
Unit 8More recent impacts
Unit 9Wealth transfers
Module 4Kingdom thinking about finances
Unit 1Kingdom thinking about finances
Unit 2Handling counterfeits
Unit 3Some alternatives
Unit 4Responding to counterfeits
Unit 5What does it mean to prosper?
Unit 6How do we change this situation?
Unit 7There is more of course
Unit 8What we believe shapes situations
Unit 9But how do we know what beliefs are at the root of it all?
Unit 10Dealing with the basics
Unit 11The healing blood of Jesus
Unit 12Handling generational issues
Unit 13Dealing with bad connections
Unit 14Getting further help
Unit 15Ok why go through all of this, it is nothing to do with financing Kingdom work
Module 5Other things that could influence our attitudes
Unit 1FKW Other things that could influence our attitudes
Unit 2Other things that could influence our attitudes
Unit 3Influence of cultural attitudes
Unit 4The influence of the area where you live or work
Unit 5It is easy to do the wrong thing in order to survive
Unit 6Your attitude towards yourself matters
Unit 7Your attitude towards yourself is a protective mechanism
Unit 8Some things to think about
Module 6Use your own money
Unit 1Use your own money
Unit 2Finding the right income source
Unit 3Possible conflicts
Unit 4Some other issues that could arise when mixing and matching roles
Unit 5If resources are limited we need to focus on essentials, or what gets the best results
Unit 6Encourages teamwork
Unit 7It need not be a permanent solution
Unit 8Are there any shortcuts?
Module 7Use other people's money
Unit 1Use other people’s money
Unit 2Proving you can play your part
Unit 3Set boundaries and maintain them
Unit 4How do you prove that you have what your partner is looking for?
Unit 5More on providing proof
Unit 6What should your plan look like?
Unit 7Systems and policies
Unit 8What is in it for these other people?
Unit 9Making it work in the short term
Unit 10Planning for the future
Unit 11Sticky issues – Where does their money come from?
Unit 12Assorted other possible concerns
Unit 13Sticky issues – Being dependent on the taxpayer
Unit 14Sticky issues – Dealing with money supply problems
Module 8Become self-sustaining
Unit 1Become self-sustaining
Unit 2Making a profit requires developing the right mindset
Unit 3What is your Promised Land?
Unit 4Why put profit first?
Unit 5Why put people first?
Unit 6Looking at the Promised Land BEFORE you go into it
Unit 7Once you have made a profit you can do what you like with it
Unit 8Who do you sell to and how do you find them?
Unit 9Who might want to buy from you?
Unit 10How do you attract the buyer’s attention?
Unit 11What are you trying to do?
Unit 12Who are you really trying to help?
Unit 13There is not necessarily a dividing line
Unit 14Becoming self-reliant is not easy
Module 9Conclusion
Unit 1Jerusalem, Samaria and then the whole world
Unit 2Who or what are you dependent upon?
Unit 3Shaped by the challenges of life
Unit 4Escaping negativity
Unit 5Some skills are required no matter what you do
Unit 6Make sure everything is done decently and in order
Unit 7Planning for the long term
Unit 8Establish good personal care routines.
Unit 9Do what you can today to make tomorrow all it can and should be.
Unit 11There is no one size fits all
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