Module 1FYPLYL Why finding your purpose is important
Unit 1FYPLYL 01.01 Introduction
Unit 2FYPLYL 01.02 Why is being in our purpose is such a good idea?
Unit 3FYPLYL 01.03 Three ways of thinking how you fit into the world
Unit 4FYPLYL 01.04 What do we want from life?
Unit 5FYPLYL 01.05 If we have the desire, the way will be made so that we can fulfil it
Unit 6FYPLYL 01.06 Can you fulfil your purpose and still have enough money to survive?
Unit 7FYPLYL 01.07 Why is loving what you do important?
Unit 8FYPLYL 01.08 Why is it important to love the real you and accept yourself as you are?
Module 2FYPLYL How the process works?
Unit 1FYPLYL 02.01 How this course can help
Unit 2FYPLYL 02.02 Gathering ideas to help you move forwards
Unit 3FYPLYL 02.03 What not to do
Unit 4FYPLYL 02.04 Downloadable resources
Module 3FYPLYL What could have happened to stop us moving into our purpose?
Unit 1FYPLYL 03.01 How did your purpose get lost?
Unit 2FYPLYL 03.02 Was our purpose stolen from us?
Unit 3FYPLYL 03.03 Have we been tricked into thinking we are not enough?
Unit 4FYPLYL 03.04 Were we a victim of deception?
Unit 5FYPLYL 03.05 Are there too many shoulds?
Unit 6FYPLYL 03.06 Were we misdirected?
Unit 7FYPLYL 03.07 Did we follow the herd?
Unit 8FYPLYL 03.08 Have we been looking where we are going?
Unit 9FYPLYL 03.09 Did we know where we were supposed to be going?
Unit 10FYPLYL 03.10 Did we think about today and forget about tomorrow?
Unit 11FYPLYL 03.11 Were we afraid of failing?
Unit 12FYPLYL 03.12 Did we see a problem and not bother to look for a way to overcome it?
Unit 13FYPLYL 03.13 Were some of the messages that we heard lacking in wisdom?
Unit 14FYPLYL 03.14 What if you took a step towards your purpose too soon?
Module 4FYPLYL Coaching Call 1 Using evidence sheets
There are no units in this module.
Module 5FYPLYL The results of losing your purpose
Unit 1FYPLYL 04.01 If you lose your purpose you...
Unit 2FYPLYL 04.02 If you lose your purpose, you can become disengaged
Unit 3FYPLYL 04.03 If you lose your purpose, you risk losing your health
Unit 4FYPLYL 04.04 If you lose your purpose you may pursue alternatives
Unit 5FYPLYL 04.05 If you lose your purpose jealousy may set in
Unit 6FYPLYL 04.06 If you lose your purpose it can affect relationships
Unit 7FYPLYL 04.07 If you lose your purpose you can end up doing nothing
Unit 8FYPLYL 04.08 If you lose your purpose, then you may end up having to defend yourself
Unit 9FYPLYL 04.09 If you lose your purpose, then you will not be able to fulfil your destiny
Module 6FYPLYL Releasing the past so that it no longer destroys the present
Unit 1FYPLYL 05.01
Unit 2FYPLYL 05.02 Acknowledging the good things from the past
Unit 3FYPLYL 05.03 Handling change
Unit 4FYPLYL 05.04 Letting go of the pain of the past
Unit 5FYPLYL 05.05 What we do in reality
Unit 6FYPLYL 05.06 Letting go can be a challenge in itself
Unit 7FYPLYL 05.07 Release the past to find a better future
Unit 8FYPLYL 05.08 Reviewing your evidence sheets
Unit 9FYPLYL 05.09 The releasing process
Module 7FYPLYL Retuning your heart
Unit 1FYPLYL 06.01
Unit 2FYPLYL 06.02 Negative thinking can hold us back from fulfilling our purpose
Unit 3FYPLYL 06.03 If you cannot recognise this uncleanness, try this experiment
Unit 4FYPLYL 06.04 The effect of the lies we tell ourselves
Unit 5FYPLYL 06.05 What accepting lies means in practice
Unit 6FYPLYL 06.07 How do we know what is the right thing to believe?
Unit 7FYPLYL 06.08 Taking thoughts captive
Unit 8FYPLYL 06.09 Tackling the lies
Unit 9FYPLYL 06.10 Overwriting the negative with the positive
Module 8FYPLYL Reframing your thinking
Unit 1FYPLYL 07.01 An ugly duckling?
Unit 2FYPLYL 07.02 You are who you think you are
Unit 3FYPLYL 07.03 Money as an example of the need for reshaping our thinking to fulfil our purpose
Unit 4FYPLYL 07.04 Some curious beliefs we may need to unlearn
Unit 5FYPLYL 07.05 We may need to look beyond what we believe to be reality
Unit 6FYPLYL 07.06 Reducing the negative input and increasing the positive
Unit 7FYPLYL 07.07 Changing the way we think can be a journey (or an example of how ideas were reframed)
Unit 8FYPLYL 07.08 How one part of my purpose was restored
Module 9FYPLYL How to discover your purpose
Unit 1FYPLYL 08.01 Asking questions
Unit 2FYPLYL 08.02 What are you passionate about?
Unit 3FYPLYL 08.03 Questions to help you work out what you are passionate about
Unit 4FYPLYL 08.04 What are your strengths?
Unit 5FYPLYL 08.05 Questions to help you work out your strengths
Unit 6FYPLYL 08.06 What impact does your life experience so far have on your purpose?
Unit 7FYPLYL 08.07 Your spiritual experiences may give you ideas about your purpose
Unit 8FYPLYL 08.08 Reviewing what you have discovered
Unit 9FYPLYL 08.09 Pruning the proof
Unit 10FYPLYL 08.10 Matching your passions and your strengths
Unit 11FYPLYL 08.11 Using what you have discovered to help you go forwards
Module 10FYPLYL Coaching Call 2 looking at the questionnaires
There are no units in this module.
Module 11FYPLYL Moving forwards into your purpose
Unit 1FYPLYL 09.01
Unit 2FYPLYL 09.02 Getting underway
Unit 3FYPLYL 09.03 Time to put on your thinking cap
Unit 4FYPLYL 09.04 Using your purpose to help you survive financially
Unit 5FYPLYL 09.05 Some ideas from Ancient Wisdom
Unit 6FYPLYL 09.06 Now what do YOU do?
Unit 7FYPLYL 09.07 Making a fresh start
Module 12FYPLYL Accepting your purpose
Unit 1FYPLYL 10.01
Unit 2FYPLYL 10.02 Stepping into your purpose
Unit 3FYPLYL 10.03 Accepting your purpose
Unit 4FYPLYL 10.04 Action step – Declare your acceptance
Unit 5FYPLYL 10.05 Making sense of your vision of what you will do with your life
Module 13FYPLYL Where are you going?
Unit 1FYPLYL 11.01 Setting a course
Unit 2FYPLYL 11.02 How do you use your purpose?
Unit 3FYPLYL 11.02 Expressing your vision of the future
Unit 4FYPLYL 11.04 How are you going to fulfil your purpose?
Unit 5FYPLYL 11.05 Where does your plan start?
Unit 6FYPLYL 11.06 Plan it out so that you know how to make it happen
Unit 7FYPLYL 11.07 The plan is there for a reason
Module 14FYPLYL Moving forwards into your purpose
Unit 1FYPLYL 12.01 The journey towards fulfilling your purpose
Unit 2FYPLYL 12.02 Using what we already have to move towards completely fulfilling our purpose
Unit 3FYPLYL 12.03 Becoming the person you need to be to fulfil your purpose
Unit 4FYPLYL 12.04 How knowing your purpose helps you find the perfect job
Unit 5FYPLYL 12.05 How does knowing your purpose help you develop the perfect business?
Module 15FYPLYL Overcoming the challenges that lie ahead
Unit 1FYPLYL 13.01 If it is worth doing it can be challenging
Unit 2FYPLYL 13.02 Why some ideas do not come to maturity?
Unit 3FYPLYL 13.03 Use your seed in the right way
Unit 4FYPLYL 13.04 Focus on the target
Unit 5FYPLYL 13.05 Facing the risk of failure
Unit 6FYPLYL 13.06 Making the most of past failures
Unit 7FYPLYL 13.07 Don’t try to go too far too soon
Module 16FYPLYL Next steps
Unit 1FYPLYL 14.01 Epilogue
Unit 2FYPLYL 14.02 Further resources
Module 17FYPLYL Coaching call 3 clarifying your vision
There are no units in this module.
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