These materials are based on the things that I learnt when I was thinking about what would happen at the turn of the millennium. There were rumours that there would be problems with food distribution. I gathered a stock of food with the intention of having enough so that I would not need to buy food for three months. I did not need the extra but because it was well planned very little was wasted.

Module 1Why and why not store food?
Unit 1FS Why include a food storage course in the God's Lily Training Programme?
Unit 2FS 1.1 Storing food to be prepared
Unit 3FS 1.2 Other reasons for developing a food storage system
Unit 4FS 1.3 Some reasons for preserving food
Unit 5FS 1.4 Countering fears about storing food
Unit 6FS 1.5 Should you store food?
Module 2Making sensible choices about what food to store
Unit 1FS 2.1 Where I am at the moment
Unit 2FS 2.2 Using what you store and store what you use
Unit 3FS 2.3 Rotating stocks
Unit 4FS 2.4 Variety is the spice of life
Unit 5FS 2.5 healthy eating
Unit 6FS 2.6 Maintaining nutritional value
Unit 7FS 2.7 Other things to think about
Unit 8FS 2.8 When do you start?
Unit 9FS 2.9 Other considerations
Unit 10FS 2.8 Why did we choose to eat those things? (an exercise)
Module 3Preserving food
Unit 1FS 3.2 Using a freezer
Unit 2FS 3.3 Things to consider when packing food
Unit 3FS 3.4 Storing tins and bottles
Unit 4FS 3.5 Labelling
Unit 5FS 3.6 Maintain an inventory
Unit 6FS 3.6 Start small and build up
Unit 7FS 3.7 Protecting food from pests
Unit 8FS 3.9 How do you know what you have stored and where?
Unit 9FS 2.9 Why did we choose to buy or store certain items? (a exercise)
Module 4Make your food storage plan your own
Unit 1FS 4.1 The importance of a personal plan
Unit 2FS 4.2 What limitations are there on what you can store?
Unit 3FS 4.3 Deciding what to store
Unit 4FS 4.4 Shop wisely
Unit 5FS 4.5 Food for everyone
Unit 6FS 4.6 Menu planning
Unit 7FS 4.7 What NOT to do
Unit 8FS 4.8 Other ideas
Module 5It is more than just food storage
Unit 1FS 5.1 Long term food storage
Unit 2FS 5.2 Food storage and the rest of your household emergency planning
Unit 3FS 5.3 Becoming self-sufficient
Unit 4FS 5.4 Heavenly thoughts on other aspects of being prepared to face an uncertain future
Module 6Lists that will help you decide what food to store
Unit 1FS 6.01 Introduction to lists (and smallest lists)
Unit 2FS 6.02 Tinned foods
Unit 3FS 6.03 Dried foods
Unit 4FS 6.04 Frozen foods
Unit 5FS 6.05 Milk and drinks
Unit 6FS 6.06 Fruit and vegetables
Unit 7FS 6.07 Pulses and grains
Unit 8FS 6.08 Spices and flavourings
Unit 9FS 6.09 Oils and sweeteners
Unit 10FS 6.10 Mixes and semi-prepared foods
Unit 11FS 6.11 Flour and items for baking
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