Module 1ST Who is the craft group for?
Unit 1ST Getting started with what is in your hand
Unit 2ST Who will come to the craft group?
Module 2ST Leaders
Unit 1ST Qualities required of a craft group leader
Unit 2ST More about leaders
Unit 3CR Finding the right craft can be a challenge
Unit 4ST Working with others
Module 3ST Who is helped?
Unit 19.1. Benefits to supporter
Unit 29.2. Craftee
Unit 39.3. Both craftee and supporter
Unit 49.4. Group organiser
Unit 5taxpayer
Module 4ST How do we know what is needed?
Unit 1ST You need to be observant
Unit 2ST We all start at the beginning
Unit 3ST Surely they will speak up?
Unit 4ST They are real people
Module 5Ideas for supporting those with recognised issues
Unit 15.1. Impaired manual dexterity
Unit 25.2. Dyslexia
Unit 35.3. Autism
Unit 45.4. Visual impairment
Unit 55.5. Hearing loss
Unit 65.6. Mental health issues
Unit 75.8. Speech loss
Unit 85.9. Cognitive impairment
Module 6Suggested activities
There are no units in this module.
Module 77. How do we help disabled people heal from the impact of our behaviour and attitudes?
There are no units in this module.
Module 8Disability is not the only limitation that people have.
Unit 18.1. Self belief and self worth can limit us
Unit 28.2. Poverty spirit
Unit 38.3. Orphan spirit
Module 9Where will group gather?
Unit 1Where will group gather?
Module 10Planning documents
Unit 1series of sessions
Unit 2abilities and limitations of the expected attendees
Unit 3ST How do you prepare a plan for a series of sessions?
Unit 4Individual session plans
Module 11Risk assessment is essential
Unit 1Covid assessment
Unit 2Building risk assessment
Unit 3Storage
Unit 4Session risk assessment
Unit 5ST Calling for help
Unit 6ST Borrow from a web site on Household Preparedness
Module 12Money handling policy collecting and spending
Unit 1ST Collecting and spending money
Unit 2ST Insurance
Unit 3referring people
Module 139. Health and safety policies
Unit 1h+s
Unit 2ST Safeguarding
Module 14ST Special considerations
Unit 1Procedures for music
Unit 2What about incorporating trips out
Unit 3gdpr
Unit 4ST Transport
Unit 5Who does what when
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