Module 1excuses and more excuses
Unit 1BWL-EX All that glisters is not gold
Unit 2BWL-EX I am not capable or lack something
Unit 3BWL-EX I am too old or too young
Unit 4BWL-EX I can't do it because I am not like them
Unit 5BWL-EX I can’t because I don't deserve it
Unit 6BWL-EX I don’t have the experience qualifications etc.
Unit 7BWL-EX I have already made a mistake that cannot be undone
Unit 8BWL-EX I have too many personal problems in my life at the moment
Unit 9BWL-EX I have tried and failed before
Unit 10BWL-EX If I do this then the family will suffer
Unit 11BWL-EX It can damage ourselves and our relationships
Unit 12BWL-EX It is too hard for me
Unit 13BWL-EX It is just too risky
Unit 14BWL-EX Other excuses we can give a third party
Unit 15BWL-EX Some excuses
Unit 16BWL-EX Some more excuses
Unit 17BWL-EX We have always done it this way
Unit 18BWL-EX We listen to our self talk
Unit 19BWL-EX What is in it for me?
Unit 20BWL-EX What I am able to make or create is not good enough
Unit 21BWL-EX What will it look like if…
Unit 22BWL-EX What will they say?
Unit 23BWL-EX Where is the money to get started going to come from?
Module 2oddments including home pages
Unit 1BWW-EX Blossoming! What do you mean?
Unit 2BWL-EX If we don't blossom then what
Unit 3BWL-EX Stage 01
Unit 4BWL-EX How can you blossom into all that you can be?
Module 3FPY-BWL
Unit 1FYP-BWL If we don't grow we risk feeling trapped
Unit 2FYP-BWL If we do not blossom we end up developing defence strategies
Unit 3FYP-BWL We have to deal with the after effects of our choices
Unit 4FYP-BWL Will anyone else be able to do it instead?
Unit 5FYP-BWL We can look for alternative ways of achieving "success"
Unit 6FYP-BWL We can become jealous of others
Unit 7FYP-BWL We don't blossom then we will not fulfil our destiny or purpose in life
Unit 8FYP-BWL We need to honour those who have gone ahead of us
Unit 9FYP-BWL We need to have the rest that we need
Unit 10FYP-BWL We need to make sure that people will not die or suffer harm unnecessarily
Unit 11FYP-BWL We need to make sure things have the right priority in our life
Unit 12FYP-BWL We need to seek out the right amount for the right reasons
Unit 13FYP-BWL We need to help people hold on to the things that belong to them that they want to keep
Unit 14FYP-BWL We need to maintain our integrity
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