Susan enjoys writing and her idea of a pleasant day is to hide away in her cave (aka bedroom) and write. She cannot abide fiction but enjoys reading and writing books based on her experience and often mixes this with ideas that she had gleaned from ancient wisdom.

Find your Purpose and Love your Life

This is structured around stories that are designed to help you work out what has hindered you moving into your purpose. After those stories have helped you discovered the blocks you are led through the 3 Rs process before being helped to excavate the evidence you need to help you work out your purpose. (Click on the cover to buy it)

Everyone CAN Craft

It started as a craft group but continued as an example of how to work with God to develop something extraordinary.
Sadly it disappeared from view when social distancing became the normal way of life. However, by then other challenges were raising their heads as well. (Click on the cover to buy it)

Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

In the beginning, there was a study based on Proverbs 31. It started as a way of sharing various money-making principles. Once that study was done it was realised that this woman changed the world around her for he better and was a brilliant example to follow. (Click on the cover to buy it)

The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

Wimps are ineffectual people and this manifesto is definitely not for wimps. It is for those who are willing to step up and do the stuff in the kingdom by building businesses that meet the needs of the community.

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