Rise Up from the Ashes

Rise Up from the Ashes Challenge is for those who have had a community project that is either falling apart or has fallen apart. I would take a guess that most of you would think that the main reason why it fell apart was the pandemic. The project I was working on collapsed because of …

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ST Working with specialists

This might sound scary but it is a very sensible approach. The offline craft that we ran was effectively for teams. A team comprised of a craftee as we called them and a carer. The carer was normally a professional support worker. It was the carers who did the practical every day support tasks.  For example, …

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Susan’s books

The strapline for this website says that it is for those who are frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weak are met without weakening them further. I have written two books on this topic. Find your Purpose Love your Life The aim behind this book is to …

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Susan’s books

Susan enjoys writing and her idea of a pleasant day is to hide away in her cave (aka bedroom) and write. She cannot abide fiction but enjoys reading and writing books based on her experience and often mixes this with ideas that she had gleaned from ancient wisdom.

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