A long time ago I heard rumours of a great disturbance that was coming called Y2K. I decided that I would get myself ready in case things do go wrong. There were loads of websites around selling stuff as people jumped on the bandwagon. Many of them trying to sell stuff to the fearful, stuff that as it turned out they did not need and ended up causing them problems like where on earth do you put all this stuff that we don’t need.

Today we are hearing rumours of another disruption called Brexit. They are saying that the problems in negotiating a trade deal is going to cause problems when it comes to importing food. An interesting situation for an island that does not produce all the food that its inhabitants consume.

It is not that long ago i.e. February and March 2020 that we could walk into a supermarket and find empty shelves. The supermarkets were supposed to have greater stocks in the system because of Brexit and they were still struggling to make sure that the shelves were filled.

The problem was that people who were not already prepared for an uncertain future went into panic mode. BTW panic is a very good word as the word panic comes from the impact that the Greek god Pan has on people. Panic generated by fear does not come from the true and living God.

Being prepared is a God thing

What the Bible says is that we should be prepared for uncertain times. Faithful Ladies such as those who are impacted by Proverbs 31 know that they need to be ready in case the weather turns cold. They make sure that their children have the extra clothes that they need for the cold weather.

In the book, Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society I talk about the idea that cold either also includes facing a chilly economic climate. These are times when everyone is struggling when the conditions are against us.

We all know that there are times when the weather forecasters get it wrong. There was the classic case back in 1987 when a TV weather forecaster called Michael Fish was asked about the possibility of a storm hitting the UK. His response was along the lines of don’t be silly this won’t happen. A few days later parts of the UK were recovering from the worst storm in living memory. Thousands of trees had been blown down in winds that reached hurricane strength at times. All in a storm that was not supposed to happen.

The reality is that only God knows what storms are coming up and He is the only one that can help us prepare for them.

The 5 Day Ready for Anything Challenge

Nearly twenty years ago now I put together a course called Surviving a Home Emergency. The idea was to do a risk assessment for your home. What things could cause you problems and how would you cope with them.

It was a course that was properly accredited so that I could have delivered it in a college and the learners would get a certificate that despite it being an unusual topic would be recognised by employers etc. The test for the certificate was based on the production of a written emergency plan for your household.

Rather than getting a certificate this time the challenge is to prepare your own emergency plan. Of course, you could do this any time but the challenge of Brexit is a good excuse to either set up or update your household emergency plan.

Something else to remember are the instructions normally given when it is necessary to put on oxygen masks. You put your own on first and then you are in a better position to help others. Completing this challenge will make sure that we are in a better position to help others because we were better prepared for the storm we are guiding others through.

Sign up to this free challenge HERE

When does it start? The idea was downloaded to my spirit one Saturday morning and given the urgency of the situation, I decided to start the following Monday i.e. 7th September 2020. This challenge includes both instructions on how to develop your own plan and a daily dose of support and encouragement given via a Facebook Live in a private group.


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