Many organisations have a vision we have a mandate.

Our Mandate

A mandate is a list of expectations that are set out by the powers that be. In our case, Susan prayed and then listened to the King as she wrote down what she heard in response to the question what is the mandate of Kingdom Business Development.

If we stay within those boundaries and we will get all the support we need to make those plans a reality. Venture outside them and we will be on our own.

This is one of the major differences between a Kingdom Business and an ordinary business. Another is our belief that the King of Kings is willing to communicate with us and help us put those mandates into words. Here are our mandates

To set up and support

  • Healthcare projects
  • Supervisory care projects
  • Management projects

This will be done via

  • Fair and equitable online training (i.e. if you pay a lot then you get a lot)
  • Prayer coaching

The aim is to

  • Bring healing to communities
  • Work with those who are less able
  • Be a shining light in the artisan community

About our founder

Susan who founded KBDL is a teacher by nature who has the paper qualifications needed to teach those over 16 in the UK. She has taught IT to adults in a community centre and Ethics and Philosophy to teenagers in a Further Education College. More recently she has been exploring the world of online courses.

Over the years she has also seen a lot of good work done in terms of supporting those with specific challenges. She qualified as a basic skills tutor and has worked with people with learning disabilities in different settings.

Her experience with mental health issues is up close and personal. She struggled to cope with the problems that were created by her husband’s condition and he set her free. After the divorce came the recovery which included volunteering and then working with people with mental health challenges.

One of the things that she has discovered on her journey is that crafts are an excellent tool. They helped her cope during difficult times and depending on the craft there can be many practical benefits. It is more than taking your mind off a problem as crafting can have a considerable therapeutic impact upon people.

What do you get when you mix that experience of crafting and the mandate of Kingdom Business Development Limited together? Healthcare and social care projects that focus on getting the maximum benefits from crafting.

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