The aim of Kingdom Business Development Limited is to do just what it says on the strapline and develop businesses that meet the needs of the weak without weakening them further. Who are the weak? To be honest anyone of us could become weak. It could be the result of an accident or a sickness or even getting burnt out with stress and overwhelm. There are times when we all need a hand up and when that happens we really appreciate it when that hand up leaves us stronger rather than weakening us further.

There are however some people who are often considered more vulnerable than others. These include people with long term disabilities that reduce their ability to understand danger or see danger or hear danger. Yes, there are ways that we can help reduce the risks for example having special pavement slabs near the edge of a railway platform so that everyone can tell that they are close to the edge. That is a classic way of helping those who could be seen as weak in such a way that it strengthens them further.


On Monday 9th August we are holding a series of workshops to demonstrate the benefits of crafting. You will need to register to join in to do so click the button below.

What are Kingdom Businesses?

A Kingdom Business brings a little bit of heaven to earth. Many of us were taught a prayer as children that included the words. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” The aim of a Kingdom Business is to put legs on that prayer and do things that reflect those words.

Many businesses meet the needs of the people and communities around them and aim to do good rather than harm. Many of them do the sort of things that a person influenced by Kingdom values does. For them, that is a normal and natural part of life and nothing special.

Kingdom has become a descriptive word used by people who put a lot of emphasis upon doing what they can to bring the words of that prayer to reality. You don’t have to be a full-blooded Christian to take on board those values. You do, however, need to be at peace with the values and attitudes promoted within Christianity.

What do we offer?

Prophetic Consulting

The aim of prophetic consulting is to help you overcome obstacles. In the first few minutes you and the consultant define the problem and then …
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More ideas

Why do we do it?

Years ago God’s Lily felt that God was inviting her to do things that made a real difference in the lives of people and helped …
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What do we teach

Susan had in a past life been an IT tutor and had even found herself doing a business startup course that was of a high …
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